I am creating a wide variety of content which includes, but is not limited to: ​neural entrainment, nature soundscapes, meditation sessions, subliminal messages, original compositions, and educational blog posts.

The aims of my channel are to provide a service that offers only the highest quality material that is scientifically based and is focused on safety, effectiveness, transparency and integrity. I wish to release effective and efficient work, to minimize wasted time and help those who seek it. It is crucial to provide accurate information about responsible usage, precautions, risks, benefits and effects.

I had originally started creating auditory neural entrainment for my own personal usage. I was introduced to it several years ago, when I was desperate for pain relief and all other options I had tried weren't working. I have seen many channels making absurd claims, with a lack of a scientific basis resulting in videos with supposed effects that are mostly fantasy-based. Some of these channels had content that was detrimental to health, and had abused the faith/trust of naive individuals seeking genuine benefits, regardless of the intent of the creator. I believe that some are genuinely attempting to contribute something positive, but I undoubtedly know that a majority of creators are unfamiliar with scientific literature and are primarily concerned about profits. I was frustrated with these channels wasting my time with false promises, and felt that many others were probably experiencing the same issues. 

This motivated me to study the concept extensively and create my own files for personal usage. I had especially taken interest in anatomy, physiology, bio-psychology, bio-acoustics, psycho-acoustics, cymatics, genetics, and chemistry just to name a few subjects. 

All content produced by my channel goes through a 5-step process before release. This involves conceptualization, creation, experimentation, post-creation editing, and public release.

The conceptualization stage is the initial design of each file, and it's conceptual purpose. This includes forming or gathering information supporting the scientific basis, and creating a list of potential frequencies which may be used for it's intended purpose. It is at this time that I decide what method will be used for maximum effectiveness.

The creation stage is when the initial draft is more thoroughly designed, and created. Depending on the method of creation, sine or square waves are produced, edited, mixed and composed together. 

The experimental stage is when I personally test each file, and sometimes share it with trusted individuals. It is often the case that many notes are taken for the sake of improvement and comfort. If the file doesn't seem to be effective, it is deleted at this stage. 

The post-creation editing stage is when edits are made to improve the file based on the notes from the experimental stage. When editing is complete, the experimental stage is repeated.

The public release stage is when the file is complete. It is matched with imagery and text in Sony Vegas Pro to create a video and is rendered at 1080P HD to minimize file compression.

After experimenting and experiencing positive effects, I had eventually started rendering videos and posting them to YouTube. My intent was to share the benefits of what I was doing with whomever was seeking it. In response to this, I began slowly gaining a viewer base which was very friendly and thankful, and they were in the same fundamental position as myself. They were concerned about effectiveness of others, and about the variety of content produced. My work was well received, and listeners/subscribers often expressed their appreciation for effective files with detailed descriptions. This led some individuals to request content/frequency combinations that couldn't be found, and I was delighted to provide them to those who had asked. I started gaining more and more subscribers at an exponential rate and as this happened I had naturally gained more requests. 

I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that I love creating content/requests for those who kindly ask. I will continue to do all requests, however I must do them fairly and in as much of a timely manner as possible. I offer this service for free and always will, however I currently only have a certain amount of time which I may allocate towards this. If you are appreciative and wish to support any of my work you could go to the Support tab, which contains several methods an individual could use to contribute.​​​ With your support I can spend more time creating these files, and communicating with those who are interested, whether it's through comments or e-mail. All content will be available for free download upon release. I feel that if I release my work based on a reciprocity model (advertising and accepting donations), I can do my part to make it widely available to help benefit all, and improve upon the freely available "standard". All work produced by this channel will not be subject to financial or time constraints, this will help ensure a high standard of quality.

This channel will be uploading a new video at-least once per week, complete with a detailed description. I will be responding to all comments on each video, particularly quickly within the first few hours of it's upload.

For more information on neural entrainment, please click this link: