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Q: Am I eligible to use neural entrainment?

A: It is recommended that individuals shouldn't use neural entrainment under the following conditions:

1) The individual is adolescent. This is because it is possible that it could adversely affect the under developed.

2) The individual has a life-threatening heart condition or pacemaker.

3) The individual suffers from a life-threatening disease.

4) The individual is psychologically unstable.

5) The individual is required to take psychotropic medication.

6) The individual suffers from hearing damage.

7) The individual is pregnant.

It is recommended to first speak to a trusted physician before using neural entrainment.

Q: Is this a replacement for medical treatment?

A: No. For any serious medical issues you should seek a competent and trusted physician. You should be practicing healthy living if you want to prevent and treat any illness. This ideally means proper nutrition, physical activity, hygiene, rest, plenty of pure water, and a healthy diet according to your body's needs. These audio files are tools intended to be used as a meditative aid, or to be used among other healing methods for an integrative healing approach. ​

Q: Are you a licensed physician?

A: No.

Q: Are you qualified to be doing this?

A: It is difficult to say who is qualified to be doing this. However in my opinion it is required for the individual creating these sessions to be mindful of safety, to have a scientific basis and to be openly transparent.

Q: What is the scientific basis for this?


Q: Can you cite your source(s) of information?

A: I do whenever possible, citations may be found in each video description. 

Q: I feel discomfort, is this normal?

A: It is possible for an individual to experience moments of discomfort at times, however it should not be frequent or persistent. If it is you should discontinue use.

Q: How often should I listen to this before I can expect results?

A: This varies per individual. It is suggested to start minimally and observe how you feel before, during, and after. For those who notice benefits you could try once daily and observe any relief or effects it may have and decide from there.

Q: What sets you apart from the rest? Why should we use your channel, when there are so many others that offer similar services?

A: My channel offers only the highest quality material which is based upon science and is focused on safety, effectiveness, transparency and integrity. 

I had seen many channels making absurd claims, with a lack of a scientific basis resulting in videos with supposed effects that are mostly fantasy-based. Some of these channels had content that was detrimental to health, and had abused the faith/trust of naive individuals seeking genuine benefits, regardless of the intent of the creator. I believe that some are genuinely attempting to contribute something positive, but I undoubtedly know that a majority of creators are unfamiliar with scientific literature and are primarily concerned about click-bait and profits. I was frustrated with these channels wasting my time with false promises, and felt that many others were probably experiencing the same issues. 

Q: How can I contact you directly?

A: You could comment on YouTube, or contact me here:

Q: Are the testimonies in your comments real?  

A: Absolutely. I have never asked anybody to leave me a positive comment, nor have I paid for such activities. All I can ask for is honest feedback.

Q: Where can I buy these audio files?

A: They are all free on YouTube and always will be. If you want to download the original audio files, you can find them on the digital store.

Q: Is there any way that I can support you?

A: I recommend going to the Support page for more information about supporting this work.

Q: Can I download your videos as an MP3 or other audio type?

A: Yes, I encourage it. I recommend using YouTube Premium or the store.

Q: How can I access removed videos, unreleased videos, bonus content, etc.?

A: You can access it here:

Q: Does this affect both men and women?

A: Yes, it is unisex unless specified otherwise.

Q: Can we use this while we do errands or other tasks while listening to this? 

A: Yes, but it may not be as effective. It is recommended to rest or meditate while listening for optimal benefits.

Q: Do you have any recommendations, tips, or an introduction for new users?

A: Yes, here is an introduction:

Q: Why can't I hear anything? 

A: This is likely due to your audio device's capabilities. A lower quality device has an inability or difficulty resonating lower frequencies accurately and clearly. If you experience these issues, please try using headphones; in many cases, this can verify that it is indeed the quality of your device.

Q: What should I do if something doesn't work for me?

A: You could leave criticism, contact me, or try another video or channel.

Q: Why can't I hear anything? 

A: This is likely due to your audio device's capabilities. A lower quality device has an inability or difficulty resonating lower frequencies accurately and clearly. If you experience these issues, please try using headphones; in many cases, this can verify that it is indeed the quality of your device.

Q: Is it safe to play these files around pets?

A: Please be mindful of pets; use headphones or set your volume to a low amplitude when using neural entrainment or any other form of sound therapy around them. Carefully observe their reactions to it, and if there is any sign that it is causing discomfort or an effect, you need to use headphones or cease usage immediately. This applies to all sound therapy videos and channels.

Q: Should I use headphones or speakers?

A: This varies. Some information is provided below, but it is not guaranteed to decide which method is most effective. You may need to try both to determine which is best for you and your intentions.

Q: Can you translate your videos into my language?

A: I'm in the process of translating all of my video descriptions into over 70 different languages. If your primary language has not been included, please let me know, and I will add it.

Q: I requested a video a while ago and haven't seen it uploaded yet; what gives? 

​A: I need to upload requests in proper order and ensure that videos are beneficial before I post them; in some cases, this can require extended periods of time.

Q: Do you need any professional assistance?

A: As of this moment, I could help with advertisements (in the right demographic).

Q: Do you use subliminal messages? 

A: In some videos, yes; however, it will always indicate so in the video description.

Q: I am looking to buy a relatively cheap set of headphones; what do you recommend?

A: (

For the price, these are my favorite headphones. They are high quality and are very comfortable for prolonged periods of usage. *I am in no way affiliated with Audio Technica*

Q: My favorite session is no longer available; why?

A: Unfortunately, due to a technical error, I was forced to remove some videos from YouTube. I'm recreating and re-uploading them, and they will be available soon. Please be patient.

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