An Introduction For New Users

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Before continuing this article, make sure you first read:

This is an introduction for new users of auditory neural entrainment.

It's important to start by realizing what kind of file you are looking for, and what best fits your intentions. For example, if you are interested in a meditation aid, you should be looking for Delta, Theta, or Alpha waves. More examples will be listed at the bottom of this article.

When you find what you are looking for, you need to first set your volume to a low, but comfortable level. Depending on your choice, it may be best to study, rest, meditate or work on daily tasks while listening for optimal effects. You will need to decide what audio device works best for the chosen file and your preference. Many individuals prefer speakers, but there are files, such as binaural audio which are more beneficial to be heard with headphones. When participating in any neural entrainment, it is important to stay hydrated, with a cup of your preferred drink sitting nearby while listening. It is also recommended to drink water, but it's important that you don't consume drinks with excess sugar, especially soda. If you observe yourself becoming increasingly uncomfortable, you should try finding something more comfortable to listen to. For those who are attempting to improve their health through usage of these files, you need to realize that it should be used in conjunction with healthy living. This would ideally mean: adequate nutrition, hygiene, physical activity, rest, elimination, ingestion of pure water, and a healthy diet according to your body's constitution. 

It's important to read about the frequencies in each file and how they're used, as this will help you better understand how it's effecting your mind and body. This could also save you a lot of time and effort by avoiding those individuals who create ineffective or deceptive files, and will not disclose what is in their content.

IMPORTANT: Please be mindful of pets or children; If you choose to use neural entrainment around them, be sure to use headphones or set your volume to a very low amplitude. Carefully observe their reactions to it, and if there is any sign that it is causing a negative effect, you need to use headphones or cease usage immediately.

More usage examples include:

Resting or Sleeping: preferred carrier waves with Delta waves (between 0 - 3 Hz) and brown or pink noise.

Studying / Learning: preferred carrier waves with Theta waves, Alpha waves (between 3 - 12 Hz) and pink or brown noise.

Writing: preferred carrier waves with Alpha waves, Beta waves (8 - 40 Hz) and pink, brown or white noise.

Decision Making / Problem Solving: preferred carrier waves with Alpha waves, Beta waves, Gamma waves (between 12 - 42 Hz) and pink or white noise.

Other meditation examples include, but is not limited to: the lower Solfeggios (174 Hz - 528 Hz), 33 Hz - 72 Hz, 100 Hz - 144 Hz, 200 Hz - 264 Hz.  

Before usage, please take the time necessary to read about the precautions, risks and benefits of neural entrainment in the initial blog post linked above.

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